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Residential and Commercial Tile refinishing experts in South Florida, Servicing Broward, Palm Beach & Miami, Call us today for a free estimate.

Are you tired of having dirty, stained, or badly colored tiles in your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room? If you have looked in to the prices of replacing all the tile, you know it’s not a cheap route!

A Better Alternative

Getting your tile refinished is a great option. Tile Refinishing is very economical and a very practical alternative to the prices of replacements.

Not only is buying new tile expensive, but the added process of the removal and installation can be costly. Chipped and cracked tiles are also no match for refinishing.

Allow South Florida Bath Refinishing to give your tile a new, modern look of your liking. We use specialized fillers and compounds to fill in any cracks, holes, or missing grout lines, and once the reglazing process is complete, your tile will look brand new and will be easy to clean with a mild liquid cleaner.

Fast Reliable Restoration Service

We can refinish your tile to a beautiful new-looking in just a couple of hours.

If you are seriously looking in to updating your damaged, or old colored tile, contact us at South Florida Bath Refinishing. You will be blown away by how big of a difference tile refinishing can make on your Bathroom, Kitchen or Bar Top look!

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